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Review Gitarre & Bass (pdf, 1.2Mb)

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Review Gitarre & Bass (pdf, 192.8Kb)

Aristides 010 Mat Black, E-Gitarre

Behind the new Dutch guitar- and bass manufacturer are civil engineer Aristides Poort and investor Jerry Langelaar, both passionate guitarists. Way back in 1994, Poort started developing a material that possesses the properties of the wood used in the stradivari violins, and that was expected to surpass the sound and sustain of a conventional e-guitar by a big margin.

Aristides 010 Black, Guitarist Magazine

Running into a higher gain amp the 010 sounds big, juicy and tough with that Duncan Custom providing additional output and thicker mids. A very competent guitar with rock-ready tones and a modern image. Click here to read the two pages containing review on their website.

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Review Young Guitars (pdf, 7.1Mb)

Aristides 010 Black, Young Guitar

This is the review of the leading Japanese guitar magazine Young Guitar about the 010 guitar. It's in Japanese only, so our apologies if you can't understand it. Let's summarise it for you: They like it!

Aristides 010 Black, MusicPlayers.com

Enter the Aristides 010, a sleek guitar seemingly lifted out of a science fiction movie (but merely transported from Amsterdam), made from yet another proprietary material — Arium. This guitar was born to rock, which it does in spades.
If you’re looking for traditional Strat-like tones coupled with high gain humbucker tone suited to modern metal, with superb playability and tuning stability, but are tired of the usual options, the Aristides 010 is definitely a guitar that belongs on your short list.

The guitar is certainly modern in its appearance and sure to help you strike up conversations with anyone who sees you play the instrument.

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Review Grand gtrs (pdf, 494.1Kb)

Aristides 010 Aluminum, Grand gtrs

Alarm! Wichtig! Nicht vorbeiblättern! Traditionalisten, Vintage-Experten, Bluesgitarristen, Althippies und Skeptiker, bitte dranbleiben und nicht von vorneherein die Augen verdrehen. Auch ich wurde spontan eines Besseren belehrt. Man muss den Veränderungen und Neuheiten doch einfach mal eine Chance geben, vielleicht gerät man ja wirklich ins Staunen.

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Review Musicmaker (pdf, 138.2Kb)

Aristides 010, an artistic all-rounder

Most guitar makers utilise conventional materials, such as wood, for their designs. Whereas most of the other guitar makers search for innovation via various kinds of exotic wood, Dutchman Aristides Poort is trying out a totally different approach. A guitar completely made from a different material. Key question still remains: is there, by now, a guitar completely constructed out of a different material capable of competing with guitars made from wood?

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Review Ultimate Guitar (pdf, 245.1Kb)

This guitar is one of a kind due to it's unparalleled sustain, superlative resonance.

I will start off by saying that for all of the innovation put into the Aristides 010, it is definitely still a guitar. And that is the most important thing. It sounds a bit silly to say, but a guitar should FEEL like a guitar. Yes, looking cool is one thing, but have you ever picked up a guitar that looked great and then felt completely awkward in your hands? Me too. So kudos are in order for the folks at Aristides who were able to find that careful balance aesthetics and comfort. A real Triumph.

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Review Fuzz (pdf, 1.4Mb)

Aristides 010 Black, Fuzz Magazine

“The sound is almost scary beautiful and warm, with a soft and beautiful treble.” "No lack in the quality of the hardware....Wilkinson VS100 bridge, Sperzel locking tuners and Schaller straplocks." “It is one of the most flexible guitars he has tested troughout the years.”

Aristides 010 White EMG

The material is different, which enables you to create different sounds and resonance. They are in fact in no way comparable with regular guitars like say a Schecter, ESP or Ibanez, guitars that are comparable with one and another in terms of target groups and price level. I got the opportunity to visit the factory in Haarlem myself to test the guitar. But I also got a tour around the whole process, to see myself how everything comes to be. And that is quite a process.

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Review 020 Gitarre und Bass (pdf, 1.1Mb)

Aristides 020 Black/Gold: Masterpiece

Kunststoffe spielten von Anfang an eine gewisse Rolle im elektrischen Gitarrenbau. Verglichen mit modernen Verbundstoffen, wie das von Aristides Poort mit wissenschaftlicher Unterstützung entwickelte Arium, hatten wir es damals aber eher noch mit harmlosen Spielereien zu tun, auch wenn manche dieser mehr oder weniger ins Blaue hinein improvisierten Versuche mit Plastik durchaus schon interessante Ergebnisse hervorbrachten. Schauen wir also, was heute alles geht.

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Aristides 070 Matte Black Floyd Rose

In metal too on a regular basis clean parts are used in songs, so it is indispensable to have that covered right too. And if you hadnt guessed it by now, the 070 stands that test with greatest ease and even excellence too. It has a very clear and bright tone, and like I mentioned before with the previous guitar (Aristides 010), you feel the effect of this Arium at work here, so to speak. This guitar is for all-round purposes, both in solos as in big, fat riffs it will give you everything you need.

Like read the full review on the LordsofMetal.nl website? Click here.

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Aristides 050 Black, Gitarre & Bass

Die Grundekonstruktion der allermeisten Gitarren und Bässe besteht aus dem natürlich gewachsenen Werkstoff Holz. Und das aus gutem Grund, nämlich dem Klang zuliebe. Obe es nicht noch besser geht, haben schon etliche Hersteller ausprobiert - die niederländische Mark Aristides zeigt die jüngsten Ansätze.

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Review de Bassist (pdf, 219.2Kb)

Aristides 050 Black, bass perfection in Arium

There are plenty reasons to explore the use of other materials. After all, proper wood is expensive, vulnerable and may disappoint you after a couple of years. In some cases, wood is even environmentally protected. Wood just sounds so good... At Amsterdam guitar builders Aristides, they use ‘Arium’.