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Timo Somers and his Aristides 010 Matt White

Guitarworld.com - Stratoblogster Labs: The Aristides 010 Superstrat

"I tried the Aristides 010 being a full-fledged wood fetishist, so you can imagine I was very sceptical. When I first plugged it in I was totally amazed by it's full, fat sound with a lot of sparkle and bite. Harmonics were jumping right at me! This material has some qualities that wood just doesn't have. If you tune it down or dive with the tremolo you notice how tight and full the actual tone stays. It doesn't get flubby, it's just as loud, clear and in tune as higher notes. Also, the clarity of the notes is amazing (piano like clean tones), just as the insane harmonics and ofcourse sustain (which is indeed endless). The sound seems very 'multidimensional'. Add some spacy cosmetics to that and you have a perfect guitar. I now totally obey Arium!"


"Is the “monkey grip” the pinnacle of superstrat design aesthetics? Is this still the coolest we've got, folks?

The definition of superstrat still seems to be an S-type guitar with a humbucker in the bridge configured to HSH, HSS, HH or just the H … plus a Floyd or Kahler locking trem system. Did I leave out anything?

Oops! Forgot straplocks, locking tuners, reverse headstock … and toss in a scary finish, mother-of-pearl fretboard inlay work (any inlay design, as long as it’s mother-of-pearl) and maybe a kill switch for drama. Just the term “kill switch” speaks authority, y’know. " read more..

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