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Adrian Vandenberg, ex-Whitesnake

“The massive sustain, the acoustic sound and the fact there were no dead spots as for instance in my earlier 60s Strat inspired me. The guitar started vibrating intensively when I played a couple of notes on the grand piano. It is unbelievably stable and fully immune to strong humidity and temperature fluctuations. I can sing an ode in its praise. When I toured with worldwide with Whitesnake, my instruments were constantly subjected to formidable climatic changes. The necks had to be adjusted continuously and the strings re-tuned. I could have made good use of the Aristides then.” Aristides 010 - Matt Black

Adrian Vandenberg

Timo Somers, Delain

“I tried the Aristides 010 being a full-fledged wood fetishist, so you can imagine I was very sceptical. When I first plugged it in I was totally amazed by it's full, fat sound with a lot of sparkle and bite. Harmonics were jumping right at me! This material has some qualities that wood just doesn't have. If you tune it down or dive with the tremolo you notice how tight and full the actual tone stays. It doesn't get flubby, it's just as loud, clear and in tune as higher notes. Also, the clarity of the notes is amazing (piano like clean tones), just as the insane harmonics and ofcourse sustain (which is indeed endless). The sound seems very 'multidimensional'. Add some spacy cosmetics to that and you have a perfect guitar. I now totally obey Arium!”
Aristides 010 - Aluminum / Matt White

Timo Somers

Sergio Klein, The Outside

“The 010 is the best guitar in the world, period. I´ve played everything, from the classic 57 Strato, the '84 Les Paul, to the high gain metal guitars, custom made guitars, very good synthetic material guitars in every kind of situation, live on stage, in the rehearsal room, in several studio sessions and in " life or death" situations in college. I can properly say that the 010 is the best, by far, I´ve ever played. The quality and quantity of the harmonics, the perfectly balanced weight distribution and the shape of the neck. The resonance, the response, the eternal sustain. The perfect intonation due to the correction of the nut. You´ll never get the response you get from this guitar from another one. Very important are also the dynamics. The range of dynamics is outstanding, everything sounds just perfect and warm. I discovered new dynamics and articulation possibilities with this guitar. I fell in love with the OIO since the very first seconds I played it. And she looks awesome! This is the perfect guitar for every situation; this is the guitar of the future.” Aristides 010 - Matt Black

Sergio Klein


Andre Evaristo, Torture Squad

“Aristides guitars are versatile because they have a very distinctive and clear sound. Combined with its excellent playability, it gives me everything I need to get all the settings and tones that I use.” Aristides 010 - Matt White

Andre Evaristo

Castor, Torture Squad

“It has an unique and powerful bass sound I´ve ever tasted! It´s crystal clear and heavy at the same time, that´s the sound I was looking for in my whole life!”
Aristides 050 - Matt Black


Magnus Tveiten, Blodsmak

“I love the playability and the pure quality of the instrument. It felt like I had been playing the 010 for years the first time I tried it. The sound this guitar delivers is plainly awesome. I have never experienced that amount of sustain. I have used it on rock/blues/experimental and even country gigs..It always fits. My favorite thing about it is that the OIO is so inspiring to play. It brings out the best guitarist I can be!! Aristides 010 - Red Metallic

Magnus Tveiten

Freki, Varg

"I had the chance to check out their guitars in the rehearsal room and in the studio. I checked them against several other high quality guitars, but the sound of the ARISTIDES OIO just blew me away! The 010 is made of one piece and perfectly processed. The sustain is unbelievable and it holds the tuning for hell of a long time. It plays so good and easy that you'll definitely don't want to give it out of your hands anymore when you've had the chance to try it. You can check out the amazing sound on the new VARG Album "Guten Tag" which has been recorded by Managarm and me with the 010 in combination of Diezel Amps and Diezel+Mesa Cabs. Watch out guitar players - the 010 is a bomb which will blow your demands to a higher level!"
Aristides 010 - Matt Black

Freki Varg

Kasper Gram, Manticora

“I really like the material Arium which it’s made of. Very different from the other basses I play on. When I tried it on my own gear, it got even better….what a powerful bass sound! Great quality, awesome sound and nice design! The powerful sound and the heavy/futuristic look are perfect for a band like Manticora. It seems like the 050 bass is custom made for the image of Manticora." Aristides 050 - Matt Black

Kasper Gram

Mitch Stewart, Circle II Cirle

"I sat down with it on my lap, started to play it with no amps. This would be the FIRST TIME in my life I've ever "felt" the bass through my whole body like that. The feeling was incredible! Once I plugged it in, I was sold. When I'm LIVE, I don't need to ask for much more than my amp. This bass is a BEAST! It definitely delivers THE sound. In the studio, once again, the tone I get from this bass is the best I've ever experienced!" Aristides 050 - Matt Black

Mitch Stewart

Marco Lambert, Vandroya

I always had a preference for versatile guitars, for not being stuck to an only musical style. So when I plugged 010, I realized everything I had seen and known about versatility until this day had gone under. The perfect thickness arm lets you explore, to the fullest, sweep picking and alternate picking techniques. Its sustain is impressive and the harmonics explode from 010 like I've never seen before in any other guitar, united with perfect pitch, even after had abused of tremolo. A mighty and heavy sound united with versatility and playability in a unique instrument was a dream that ARISTIDES made come true. Aristides 010 - Matt Black

Marco Lambert

Jay Frank, USA

“I purchased my red Aristides 010 in early April of this year. Since then I have had a great deal of time to practice, and even gig with this amazing instrument. This is one AWESOME guitar; First off... it is 'drop dead' beautiful (in an exotic car kind of way). I find its non-traditional styling quite handsome. It is also a comfortable fit and extremely playable. The tonal possibilities seem limitless. From quasi acoustic rhythm sounds to biting lead treble to mellow jazz tones and everything in between, the 010 can do it all. Did I mention long melodic sustain with beautiful ringing harmonics? I have over 60 guitars in my collection and can pull some very fine instruments off the wall to suit my whimsy. The 010 holds up with the best of them. By the way... I'm an 'old guy' who's been playing guitar for over 55 years. Who says an 'old dog' can't learn new tricks? Anyway, that’s my story and I'm sticking with it! ” Aristides 010 - Red Metallic


Michael, Switzerland

“Even though I own about 60 guitars, I don't have one with that much bottom-end. The magic is, that the presences and trebles are also there and it doesn't become muddy at any time. It’s really a new experience.”


Peter, Australia

“The setup was spot-on right out of the box. I immediately liked the feel and carve of the neck (the most critical part of a solid body guitar for me) - a good sign, as I am used to the excellent Carvel/Jackson necks. Please give kudos to your designer and engineer, this is a great guitar. Aristides 010 - Blue Metallic


Reiner Ez, Germany

“This guitar is really great. This sound, dynamic, playability, attack and sustain is really fascinating. Thank you and your team very much! It's worth every cent.”


Malik Dirim, Germany

“As a guitarist you usually worry about so many different things which determine your sound and therefore your playing. With the Aristides you can strike the factor “instrument” from that list and never have to worry about it again. This guitar is pure sound, pure reliability, pure playability, pure love. The way it vibrates when you strum only a single string, without any amplifier… it puts you under a spell and keeps you trapped. And all of the sudden, an hour passed by and just sat there playing one string. This is fascination on a whole new level.” Aristides 010 - Matt White